Sunday, 27 December 2009

Newsworthy Transhumanism?

A guy tries to blow up another aeroplane, and the news networks both mainstream and alternative have something to talk about for the next month. Yet the massive and accellerating breakthroughs in science and technology rarely get a look in. Is this good or bad?

People being kept in the dark about the true current state of technology keeps them in a false-reality, a world where the possibilities of the singularity and life extension don't even exist, or are at best nothing but science fiction. This illusion they inhabit causes naivety that can lead to the worst consequences; stem cell bans, creationism teaching, even anti-progress activism.

The worst consequence, however, is lack of education. Without awareness or knowledge of the true state of technology, its imminent possibilities, or an appreciation for its accellerating nature, education systems continue to fail in their duties. Burying their heads in the paradigms of history, instead of preparing for the rapidly approaching future, the academia release wave after wave of stagnated students who are not even aware of impending social and technological change.

Without this awareness, how can we possibly hope to develop singularity-focussed solutions in an efficient manner?

Transhumanists are fully aware of the possible future that awaits them; that of longer, healthier lifespans, enhanced intelligence, greater human efficiency, and environmental saviour. With this awareness comes immense frustration at the technical difficulties faced at every step of the way.

These technological difficulties could be solved so much quicker if our children left school with the drive and anticipation fostered from more awareness of future possibilities. Just imagine the passion of a child able to program their own robot, or develop their own stem cell therapies. Also, with more preparation and knowledge of the problems faced, they could focus their skills and knowledge into more practical areas. With more analytical skills, they would have the thinking power and imagination to solve engineering problems more efficiently.

Instead, fear is their focus, and ignorance keeps them in the dark. If things continue this way, we might not have anyone left to create the singularity.

On the other hand, if people become aware of just where technology is headed - if they can see its true benefits and the implications it could have on us all - then things might just speed up.

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